Learning How to Do Life with Two Kids

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Our little Maverick entered the world July 10, 2018 on my mom’s birthday! He was a huge baby (for someone my size haha!), weighing 8 pounds, 14 ounces and 21 inches long. Maverick is already sleeping through the night, and is super strong — he holds his head up on his own and looks around when I’m holding him or during tummy time. Mav’s been such a little delight to all three of us, and we have enjoyed cuddling him and watching him grow over the last two months!

Like with any new change, Ben and I are learning how to adjust to the two kid dynamic. It was challenging at first, and we realized we just always need to have a “plan.” This means thinking ahead for feedings so that we can leave at the right time to be on timish, getting everyone dressed and diaper bag stocked before we leave, and always giving ourselves “options” as to how to cart both kids around without losing our minds — or one of them (especially if I’m by myself). I keep a wrap, a Bjorn, a Binxy baby, and a double stroller in the car at all times — that way I am prepared to go into pretty much any place with some way to be hands free (mostly) and still wrangle my crazy curious, super independent almost 3 year old.

With Ben, I always have confidence that we can DO this and go anywhere. But I was really nervous for a while on how to even get OUT and LIVE with two littles. Over the past two months, I’ve figured out a way to live life without being a hermit. Whoo hoo! I honestly didn’t know if it was possible for me.

Of course I haven’t always gotten it right. I’ve forgotten to restock the diaper bag and been stuck with a blow out diaper for a long car ride. Yay for neon yellow poop in EVERY crevice of the carseat. (I seriously considered just throwing the whole thing out and buying a new one.) I lost track of time talking to another mom on the playground (I NEED the adult conversations ya’ll!) and sunburned my child. I’ve nursed my crying baby in the middle of one of the home decor aisles at Target (Let me live my life a little!). Oh, and I’m sure there are more stories to tell, but those are hiccups that first come to mind.

Diesel (my almost 3 year old) has started coming into my room promptly at 7 a.m. ever since Maverick was born. Long gone are the days he used to sleep in till 9 and be trapped in his crib jail (cue sad violin music). We’ve moved him into his big boy bed, and now we have an energetic, early riser. But I’ve learned to be super thankful for this. He gives me motivation to get my day started early, and I’m able to knock out so much more. (Well, I kind of HAVE to get out of bed early because the kid will tell me he’s so hungry, bring the whole fruit basket from the kitchen into my bedroom and dump a pile of bananas, oranges and peaches on my face…ow! I keep meaning to hide that basket before I go to bed at night…be right back.)

I’ve got a workout routine now, which has been something I’ve always wanted to do but never made good on. We do simple breakfasts now — Cheerios, Noosa Yogurt, and fruit. I throw on some workout clothes, don’t even care about the makeup (What? Who am I?), put my hair in a top knot, dress the kids in something cool, fill up the waters and we are out.the.door! Boom. I do stroller fitness with these cool groups of moms in the area. Sometimes we’ll go to the beach, or one of the neighborhoods nearby with lakes and parks. It is awesome, and the kids get to play after for a little bit on the playgrounds, and sometimes do crafts!

The rest of my day is filled with major multitasking — imaginary play with Diesel while feeding Maverick, doing graphic design for two awesome non-profits while feeding Maverick, doing STEM building activities we get to check out from the local library…while feeding Mav, searching for hidden pictures in our Highlights magazines..while okay you get the picture, and of course LOTS of coloring and painting. We usually do leftovers for lunch, and nap time right after. We read lots of stories about dinosaurs, ninjas, trains and space. We sing “Jesus Loves Me” and practice our memory verses. We do lots of tummy time with Maverick, and “save him from the dinos with our spider webs. Pew pew.” We hide in the closet when we put up the laundry because a dragon or shark is chasing us. We unashamedly dance to Paw Patrol and PJ Masks theme songs while I make dinner in the kitchen. Ben and I double team, doing bath times with popsicles and bedtime stories. Then when it’s all said and done, we collapse on the couch. We eat our hard-earned Blue Bell Peanut butter chocolate cookie dough ice cream and relax together or work on our design projects. This is the new normal. And I kind of love it.

So yes, we’re figuring it out, all with a little baby on one arm or strapped to one of us in a wrap or we’re scooting him around all over the house while he’s in the Rock n’ Play. And it’s been fun, personally, to find out that I CAN do this. With lots of prayer all throughout the day, planning and strategizing, God is showing me that He has equipped me (and still is) for this motherhood thing. I’m discovering new things about myself, and I have the awesome privilege of loving on my two little guys and my big, handsome guy each day. I am cherishing every moment and taking wayy too many pictures!

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