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Thursday, September 10, 2020


Our playroom is s l o w l y coming together!

Over the past few weeks, we've been weeding out all the toys the kids don't play with, and organizing to make the playroom more manageable. It has been so rewarding!

I'm trying out the "montessori/waldorf" approach where you just put one toy in each spot in the cubby. This helps the kiddos know each toy's "home," and should therefore help more with finding toys and clean up.

Above is what we've done so far. I still want to replace the box with the books, put those on some wall bookshelves, and create a cozy reading spot. My oldest kid (Diesel) has just started reading and he loves to cuddle up with a book and read simple books now!

I made the sign language art that's hanging. If you'd like one too, you can find it here.

I printed out the ABC cards just on our home printer and hung them up with natural bakers twine, 6 nails, and mini clothespins. You can find cute digital ABC cards here.

This weekend we've got our bright yellow nugget coming, and I'm so excited. I will post new photos of the playroom progress and the addition of the nugget soon on my instagram. Please follow along if you aren't already!

Here are a few other things that I've got my eye on for the playroom:

My husband thinks I'm totally nuts. Maybe you do too. But my dream is to have an aesthetically pleasing playroom that encourages creativity! (And hopefully distracts my kids from using all my couch cushions for their tents and "floor is lava" games. 😉)

What's on your playroom wishlist?! Tell me — I wanna know!

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